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Proximus is the leading telecommunications company in Belgium and a market leader in a number of areas, including fixed-line telephony services, mobile communications services and broadband data and Internet services. Task description : The use of the mobile internet and mobile data will be heavily boosted in the coming years. The number of applications for smartphones and tablets is increasing: (push) e-mail, mobile payment, video streaming, machine-to-machine development, All ...

Location Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, Belgium 
Company name Proximus  Employment type contract  Start date 2018-02-28  Save job Save job

Business Project Leader within the Residential SME Business Unit of Securitas Belgium: contribute to the transformation of the security industry by improving end to end processes and implementing new initiatives. Are you a highly talented Project Manager? Are you ready for new challenges? Are you passionate about business transformation and process optimization? Reporting to a member of the direction of the Residential and SME Business Unit and based in Brussels, you ...

Location Neder-Over-Heembeek, Bruxelles-Capitale, Belgium 
Company name SECURITAS  Employment type contract  Start date 2018-03-14  Save job Save job

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