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Lean Vertical sets the new benchmark for high-quality and efficient software development. Our product, Vertical DASH, redefines how companies and software factories build software and run their I.T. operations. As a core team member, you work on the most crucial parts of our product and company. Besides writing code in our green-field repositories, you're also involved in shaping and scaling our company's culture, habits and best practices. You are a versatile and critical thinker ...

Location Strombeek-Bever, Flemish Brabant, Belgium 
Company name Tobania  Start date 2019-02-19  Save job Save job

Do you hate crappy code and software? Do your friends describe you as an unlimited precisian? Do you see a world without software bugs as a personal goal? Three times a yes? Please read further! You understand like nobody else what developers need to help them build better technology. You are a communicative jack-of-all-trades: whether you're working with developers, product owners or business stakeholders, you're able to look through specialisms and love to talk with them. Always looking ...

Location Strombeek-Bever, Flemish Brabant, Belgium 
Company name Tobania  Employment type contract  Start date 2019-01-27  Save job Save job

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